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What could be more patriotic than Mickey and the US Flag? Well, nothing can. Unless you get the ultra conservatives-religious fanatics, hillbillies and confederate flag.
I was watching this video the other day, Louis Theroux:The Most Hated Family in America, and as I was watching I realized, though this family has an extreme stance on gays, a lot of people have the same basic view.
America was founded by political and religious exiles. People who fled their country to create a more liberal and tolerant society. However, as soon as order was stored and social groups developed, religion became the imposing force. People were called witches and burned alive based on people's accusations without proof.
Some people were punished for not attending church on Sunday's.
The people who came here were considered rebels and criminals. Sadly, I look at the old America and new America and though technological improvements have developed I don't see how morally we have.

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