Daily, Weekly, Monthly or What?

Well I've come to the conclusion that carrying on an entertaining blog takes a lot of effort.
I just happen to read that Bloc Party had a gig and Madonna tried to get backstage to talk to the band; however, since security did not know her. They put her in a headlock and kicked her out. HAHA!!! Sorry, it's just that you never hear of such things happening to her Madgesty.
"I'm a professional cynic, but my heart just ain't in it." - Blur

I was watching the news in Spanish today and I must state that I really hate it.
Everything here, Miami, is about Cuba and Fidel. Seriously, every time Fidel farts the networks create a News Special Report. There are more important things than a dictator who lives 30 miles away. I love the fact that Cuban's complain about the way their relatives live, yet they imposed the embargo on those relatives still there. There's much more to it and I know I a lot will argue this point, but when you wake up and go to sleep overhearing, Cuba this and that. it kind of takes a toll on you.

Everyone who knows me knows that I have a thing for Brit Programming.
I've come across these shows:
1. Hustle - A clan of thieves who steal from dicks.
2. Green Wing - A bit like scrubs, but a bit more dialogue humor rather than special effect.
3. Peep Show - A show about 2 socially retarded friends who can't hook up with the girls no matter what.
4. Black Books - Mr. Black is a bookshop owner who hates people and hates selling books.
5. Teachers - This show is based on a group of teachers who actually hate teaching and drink every night to deal with the pain of their life.
6. Coupling -The US adaptation sucked because it deals with sex and everything with sex gets censored in Primetime TV.
7. Torchwood - Pretty cool and simple Sci-Fi Show.

Now mind you, they are a few years old and might be cancelled, but still. Nothing like Brit humor.

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