Dating: Who has it easier?


I often hear women state that it is harder to be a woman in the dating world. Men just want to get laid and not deal with the "tied down" effect that comes with being in a relationship. However, is that really true?
Being a single guy I can state from personal experience that it is harder for men. I often have this talk with women and we usually agree to disagree or they usually at the end side with me. Women tend to have patterns in their dating criteria. Ladies usually go after similar characteristics. As an added bonus, some women tend to go after the bad boys.
From time to time we all like a challenge, but picking a partner on a challenge criterion usually leads to the female being mistreated or cheated on. Bad boys are people who have issues that stem from their childhood; divorced parents, abusive parents, or a bad relationship experience.
Now by all means I am not saying they are damaged goods, but they usually need a lot of work and you will have to put up with the isolation behavior and you will need a lot of patience.
Men in the other hand can be superficial. Often guys go after women who have large mammary glands and/or an extensive rear end. I personally have never been one of those guys. (Though I must confess to at times lusting after someone with one or the other.) Guys tend to be like little kids at times. We fill satisfaction with the visual. At times overlooking the minor things, which later on become issues.

Personality or lack of thereof.
I think that's the main issue. The main stereotype is that women go after the money and men after the physical. In theory, the more money you make, the better the catch you can get. Society has become very superficial. We see poster girls and model and that' we expect to find a resemblance to that in our partners. I've often heard women say that men are turned off by a woman who is equal or smarter than them. I find this issue to be true, but only in certain males not all.
A couple of friends and I find women who can talk and discuss their issues with original thoughts rather intriguing. We often find conversation with a smart woman a lot more of an enticer to meet them again, than someone who has very little to say.
It is common sense to state, "What motivates you to hit on someone is their physical appearance, what keeps you interested is how they can captivate your mind."
Some women marry out of comfort for convenience, they usually find themselves dissatisfied by the age of 35. Most of them carrying extra marital affairs or internally battling with their decision to take money rather than happiness. If this was an obvious decision, the lack of communication and lack of compatibly will make the marriage dull and will resort on a divorce or both couples being unhappily married.
The same thing happens to the male who marries based on how "HOT!" she is. There are only so many things you can do to a woman who has big breasts or a big ass. If you work to get the best in life then you probably got married to her just to have her as a trophy wife.
At the end of the day you are a consumer of goods rather than seeing your partner as an equal.
People find happiness in different aspects of life. Some people are happy to be trophy wives and have nothing to worry about. Marriage is just a life time job with a life time of security.
Dating; who has it easier?

I've often thought that women have it easier when it comes to dating. Rarely does a woman get rejected by a person from the opposite sex. I'm not saying it hasn't or will not happen. However, based on the women I've talked too, they usually have one or two rejection stories. When I talked to a few guys, they had various accounts.
Men usually have to initiate the contact. We usually place the ball on the court and we expose ourselves to rejection right off the bat. Once conversation is set, we have to ask whether or not another encounter can be set (a date). Once again, we tell her we are interested.
Women usually take a backseat approach when it comes to dating. Most of the times the male displays his attraction and the woman basically allows this interaction to go on or they stop it. I once heard a female comedian say, "Dating is easy for a woman. Men take you out pay for everything and then you pick the least dumb out of the bunch." Needless to say, that courting has always been like this. Women have it easier at getting the male specie.
Even when it comes to the first kiss a male has a lot more to lose than the woman. He has to time it just right. It can't be too early on the evolving relationship or she might think you are going too fast, and if a guy takes too long a woman will blame him for taking too long or think he's just friend material. This will lead to her thinking there's a lack of sexual spark in the friendship.
And most guys will confess to having that experience once or twice in their lives.
I must say that there are women who take the initiative and are not faced by telling a guy, "Hey! I like you." I think this is commendable. It shows that she is willing to compromise and take the bullshit pressure/tension one gets at the beginning. There's nothing wrong with being "old fashioned." However, when you live two to three decades away from that decade the term "old fashioned" should be redefined.
Guys are usually predictable in their intensions. Though there are some guys who like to play the game. Some people like the chase game. A game I can't really get into as I'm blunt and direct. Some men take pleasure in chasing after a woman. The harder she is to get the more into her he is. The same can be said for the women who love the chase.
Conclusion. Cut the Shit!

Seriously, the world is hard enough with its adult responsibilities and journey. Women have the easier road at dating. The world is full of men willing and able. Ladies have the right to be picky. They will probably have the hardest job down the road; child birth, kids, etc…

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