Last Night! Film & Rest Review

Last night was a good night by all accounts.
We got to see Shoot 'Em Up
Now I must state that I'm a fan of Clive Owens. Ever since seeing the BMW Films I've been a fan of his.
In Shoot 'EM Up he is a regular guy who does not care about anything until he sees a pregnant woman being chased by a man with a gun. As soon as he sees this happening he says, "A shit!"
That's when the film's last sequence with just dialogue ends. When he tries to rescue this woman and finds himself in the middle of a plot to kill and eradicate her and her baby.

In the middle of people trying to kill them he finds time to deliver the baby and fend off the professional assassins with one hand. What follows afterwards would make a James Bond movie look like child's play. Clive is a one man army. To prove this point there's one scene where there are about 20 corps laying on the floor and Clive walks amongst the pile.
This movie is over the top. The type of movie that will please action fanatics who think the hero never gets hurt (a bullet flesh wound).
Clive does get to show his very subtle facial features that have made him a bit of a sex symbol and the anti-hero. Paul Giamatti, who is the villain, is great. Like Owen's character, the role seems tailored for him. He's not the over the top bad guy who is completely insane. He is very calm and calculating. The only times he seems to lose focus is when engaged in the battle sequences against Owens. His calm manner is usually broken into humor by the fact that his wife seems to call him at the most inappropriate times.

Every second week of the month they have art openings downtown. They have free wine, food and artist showcases. Now, by no means am I a profound art lover. I can tell a Van Gogh from a Dali, and a Picasso from a Gauguin.
Some of the art work is really interesting and original. I saw an art installation of crashed cars. I thought they were well painted, but did not really see the value in buying a painting of a crashed car.

Sometimes conceptual art can be rather impressive and indicate sign of future possibilities and art waves; however, I did not see anything like that in the museums I went too. I only really liked two paintings. I wish I could remember the info, but we got too trashed last night with the free wine.

We ended up going to this cute little place around 68th and N.Biscayne BLVD. Casa Toscana. As you can tell it is an Italian Restaurant. The cool thing about the place is that the owner is there hanging out with the customers. The prices were moderate and the wine selection was good. Overall, the four of us spent $104. That included, 3 apps., 2 main dishes and a bottle of wine. I must state that the Gorgonzola cheese sauce with the cuadrado pasta and linguine was excellent. Overall, the place is small and intimate making it a great place for a date, also a great place to go have a drink with friends. 1-10, I will give it a solid 7.5.

This was followed by a visit to Circa 28. It seems that Lolo's interview on the Miami Herald caused more people to show. There was actually a queue to get in, which has yet to happen.

The music was good. Like always, the a/c is crap. You literary come out with your shirt full of sweat and your underwear full of cigarette smell.

Over all the trip was brilliant. I did place the video of one of our many vibrant and colorful conversations.

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