The Liars & Interpol


Yesterday was a good day. I had heard a couple of my friends say that The Liars are a good group. They opened for Interpol and I must state that they sucked. There was a guy before the show who vomited on the floor. Then he went over to the trash and fell next to it. He then proceeded to peek his chin over the trash and try to vomit. However, to no avail. He ended up vomiting on himself again and again. Then what proceeded was one of the nastiest, loving things I've ever seen. His girl friend kissed him. I can only assume this was done to assure him that he was ok. He wasn't though. They had to get the medical aid people and the police to help out. All of this happened in a 30-40 minute span. Seriously, watching this guy could have been the opening act.

Then The Liars took the stage and it was perhaps the worst opening band. They only had one good song. People were mocking them and laughing at them.

Interpol then took the stage and they sounded awesome. I must say that this is one of their best sounding concerts. They ended up playing most of their Turn On the Bright Lights album songs. I really enjoyed the concert. Definitely recommend seeing. They are very subtle. The most moments come from the guitarist, who glides throughout songs while playing. The bassist, who looks like an 1800 Century Count, moves around a bit, but has a cocky face. LoL.

At the end they did an excellent show.

7 out of 10

Interpol - Untitled

Interpol - Evil

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