The Military & Burma

The other day my brother sent me a link to something he considered funny. (Picture below) Now when I read it. I too thought it was funny, but a sad reality. Now days wars are waved as civilians and those who promised to protect their country and families have become hired assassins.

If you ever want to get away with killing people just join the military. That or become the US Vice President. Either one is as effective. There are some military officials as well as government officials who think the infantry is just full of sperm that should have been swallowed. They consider the infantry as expendable as chewing gum wrapper.

What they fail to realize is that these people are the ones who create the fear and amount to the largest amount of soldier. On the other side that's why they are expendable.

I remember when the US asked immigrants who lived here to join the army, but would not let them get the US citizenship.

So let me get this right, "I fight for your country, yet when I'm done, I can't live there even though I risked my life for the place I now consider home?"

It's sad, but the last 2 wars/battles have had toolboxes for Generals. Seriously, even a 15 year old gamer has better strategy than most of these "intellectual war strategists."

They should let Collin Powell plan all the wars. This guy is a brain. Crap! They should let him become President and General of Armies (a title George Washington last held. It basically entitled his leader of all military sections).

If it's impossible to get him to run and organize this, we should have a nationwide Command and Conquer tournament to see who can run the US military division.

Well enough about that. Time to rag on Burma

BBC News reported that the military gassed the crap out of the monks. Now to my understanding monks are very peaceful. Their protests are a lot like stepping into a swarm of gnats, bothersome, but you never do something about it.

The monks are actually protesting the recent gas price hikes. The people have asked for an explanation as to why the prices are so high, but the government has yet to give them a reasonable answer.

I don't know how I would interpret monks protesting me or my government. After all they are so peaceful. However, the monks and Burma officials have a history that spans centuries. I do love how the next Dali Lama will be chosen by the government; A government approved Dali. ROFL.

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