My 2 Cents: Vanessa Hudgens.


Alright, so this girl took naked pictures and now she has to apologize for her right to bare all. This is so F*ING stupid. Every so often you encounter a scenario like this. People trust people. It's just the way life is. We get into relationships and part of this arrangement is trust. However, the fact that her (ex)partner decided to expose these picture for $ is just shameful.
I was reading on AOL and they had a Toll; Should Vanessa apologize for her action because she is a role model? WhoTF are we to ask someone to apologize for something she did in the privacy of her home?
I know she is apologizing because of Disney and her career being based on movies guided towards teens, but really...
The other day a Puerto Rican singer's ex released a sex tape he had made with her. Needless to say she too had to apologize to her fans. Now my question is for what? For having sex with a partner?
For taping her sexual act with her partner?
For watching porn while having sex with her partner?
If anything the one who released the tape should be to blame.
The thing that gets to me is that the people castigated are the ones who are in the public eye. As the one's who are not usually get patted on the back. As if rewarding them for bringing socially imposed shame to the other person.

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