New Laptops and Operating Systems

I had gotten my mother a Lenovo x41. It's an ultra light, 12 inch laptop. I found its features very good and Lenovo/IBM is known for their build quality. So when in Rome do like the Romans. I decided to buy a Lenovo x61s. It's basically the same laptop with a few new features and more power. I must say I've been impressed buy it.

I hear that IBM laptops are known for taking to Linux rather well. I spent the better part of a week trying to make it work. I'm not a software writer. So I couldn't get the sound to work and the middle scroller. After 2 days I decided to give up. I went for Windows XP. I thought finally I could get this thing to work properly. However, XP did not have the Audio Bus Driver needed for me to make the sound work. By this time I had been sleeping 2 hour days for 4 days.
Without an ultimatum I had to go back to Vista. It hasn't been so bad up to now. I thought Vista was going to be a lot worse, but it's been pretty easy to use. The only thing issue I have is the resources it takes. It seriously needs 1gig of ram to just load the basic necessities. The cool thing about Vista is the fact that you can use a USB memory stick or a S/D memory card to speed up the system.
I did notice that under XP I got about 8 hours of battery life, while Vista gave me only 6 hours. I'm a bit upset about that. The good thing is that it weighs 2.7 pounds and 3.5 pounds with the big battery (what I have). The really bad part…well the laptop does not have a built in dvd/cd drive. You need a docking station or a USB drive.
Overall the laptop is great. Only if Toshiba could get their act together on the R500 I would have considered it.

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