Religion 2.0


Now there's more of a use for the internet other than for porn. It has taken the religious establishment more than 20 years to realize that it too can compete with porn on the internet. However, I doubt it will be as successful in this market.

The two highest grossing industries are religion and porn. However, due to the fact that society in America and strongly religious communities look down upon sex shops most people get their porn fix by downloading from the internet.

A church has decided to broadcast their sermons online for those who cannot make it on Sundays. Why wake up on Sunday morning to go to church when you can log online and watch? If you are a college student church seems something your parents force you to go to on Sunday's. Unless you are religious and then you have been faced with going to church shit faced and praying to God, "Please make all of this go away! I promise God, I will never drink again."

(Side note: Confession booths can be used for vomit purposes, after all you can confess to your sin. So vomit and then confess; it has to be done in this order.)

The church is like every other business. The more money you get from your followers the more things it can do to expand. The big chief will be made aware of your success and they will call you up closer to the Vatican. If you do not do well they will demote you and place you in some little church in South America or third world country.

Overall, this idea of broadcasting live online sermons makes sense. You can get donations online and you get to reach more followers. Even if not to your church at least you can get more followers and add to the religious family.

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