Seeing Ex’s who turn out later to be lezzies

Today was a surreal day. First of, I did something I never do…leave early to go to school. I went because I had to write a paper and a blog. I was writing a paper and this very attractive ballet dancer (whom I like) stopped to talk to me and hang out. We had lunch and it went well. I was coming back from lunch and ran into one of my ex's. However, this wasn't any other ex. This lady and I had a really bad break up. It was bad enough that I hadn't talked to her in 2-3 years. So the other day I felt like crap because she's the only ex I'm not friends with, when she tells me her and another girl are living together. Now, she has been known to pull this stunt with other ex's. However, I'm glad she dated two other guys before she went lesbian.
I was talking to my classmate, Ev, about it and we both agreed that if our significant others ever left us for a same sex partner it would completely dent our self-esteem. Either way, she didn't look too good. Physically, yes, but acne seems to be a current issue.
I must state that I thought it would be awkward, but it wasn't. We were semi-formal and polite. It wasn't really bad.

I support lesbianism and same sex marriage. Everyone is entitled to their own happiness.

I saw Across The Universe and it was very good. The singing was 10 times better than Moulin Rouge.

This movie is definitely worth the price of admission.

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