Where In Miami Have the Thinkers Gone?

Sometimes you are expected to be this innovative or creator of cleverness. At least that’s what it feels like in a town full of clones. You stand out because you’re not afraid to play it safe and that’s the way it should be. Why appeal to the masses? As long as no harm is called onto others why not speak your mind? (rhetorical) I do have to state that just in case someone feels like answering. No, I don’t mean dressing up indie, quoting semi pseudo Freud theories and regurgitating BBC News. For that type of originality is all a mock of the slacker-student who has to be angry at the world or the system. Yet, mom and dad make six figures and pay the rent.
Whatever happened to the people who safely acknowledged self-value and took pride in it? Unfortunately, Miami is a town based on pretentious stereotypes, who feel that it is trendy to mock others in order to get ahead and where clothes seems not to have a weight limit (sarcasm! Spandex is a privilege not a right).
The last time I heard someone quote an important writer I stopped to congratulate them. As I see it, people hardly read now days. People get their news through elevator talk. Obviously, it’s more important to know who Britney is doing, who Lindsey crashed into and where in the world is Bradjelina.
What did happen to the real issues? Africa, Darfur, North Korea, finding the leader for Al Queida; all issues that are relevant and more important than celebrity duchess who crave attention by releasing boring and lack lusting porn.
The other night I actually had one of these “Miami fake breasts, skirt too short" girl talking about social issues. However, when questioned, “Do you know the where Darfur is?” She pled the 5th. Actually, she just stayed quiet. Ignorance has become a virtue and a common interest among the masses. You know what they say, “The less you know, the more you belief” I guess that’s why everyone quotes each other without knowing what they are talking about. As long as you throw in a couple of sophisticated words like “Himalayas, abomination, and unconstitutional,” people think it’s a deep thought.
It is sad, but it has become a rarity to meet people who can talk about stem cell research, Darfur, or China’s birth control policies without an askew reply or a quote from CNN.

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