They should make the title into a T-Shirt. Either way, the day has been spent trying to delegate between reality and the time spent creating this idea of how the world should be. What type of world would this be? I still haven't decided, but someone would keep track of good deeds and selfless acts.

I had this conversation the other day with a rather conservative catholic and it made me think. I've always been into the idea of an ideological church. Now what does that entail ? Well it would be a church where people would be welcomed with opened arms. Where people would discuss ideas and passages of religion based on life experiences. It would not advocate or pressure anyone into any type of religion. Well... hum! A coherent religion to say the least. IOW (In other words) one not created by a science fiction novelists where people farting is considered a celestial bless. Theses gatherings would talk about Buddha, Jesus Christ, God etc... It would blend different philosophies and ideals.

Now, obviously you would get these extremist who say their religion and views are above others. These people would be taken and crucified in the backyard, or be pelted with olives until death.

Having said that, you will say, "Well you are judging people." You are completely correct. People who strive on creating chaos for no apparent reason would not be allowed. This place of worship would accept everyone with an open mind.

Having said this and just pissing off the extremist, since he had an issue with the gay community, the fact that only one god should be idolized, and that those of us who do not follow the word in the bible will go to hell; I thought to myself, "Man! My idea is a brilliant one." However, I doubt it would fly. Only people with an extremely open mind who can discuss things without becoming violent will make this work. Too bad religious knowledgeable people and an open mind is an oxymoron.

I looked at the very advocate for ignorance and told him, "Doesn't the bible state not to judge others?" By that time I had managed to piss him off so much that he looked at me with eyes of harm and dislike. I just stared at him blankly as if his words would have rectified this whole perception I had of a globalized incorporated idea of religion.
After a few seconds and seeing that I could easily irritate the hell out of this ultra conservative, I asked him, “God made us in his image, right?” He gave the obvious response, “Yes !”

I could have made the obvious statement as, “There are too many busted people in this world to think Jesus/God had good taste.” Instead, I opted for the double insult. God gave us free will and made our bodies the way they are. Couldn’t he have opted not to give men anuses. This way homosexuality would have less of a pleasure. I mean, if he didn’t want same sex to work I’m sure he could have made arrangements. To say that he did not know this was going to happen is underestimating “he who is all knowledgeable.”
This was just sheer brilliance. I had managed to not only make everyone who listened to my theory laugh, but I had managed to piss off this guy so much, that he decided to move to another seat.

I belief in a higher power, but not in organized religion. I practice what I consider as rational levels of ethical decisions and ideals. I refer to these as “Robism.” What does this mean? Religion should change with the times. We “evolve” (at least we are supposed to) and at times religion stays behind and has trouble keeping up. The main principles are:
1. Do not harm others.
2. Help others if and when you can.
3. Give a rats ass about your surroundings. (Environment, less fortunate.)
4. Be kind to those who deserve it.
5. Try to do a good deed a day. (Like letting someone cut in front of you in traffic or holding a girls hair when she is vomiting rather than taking a picture with your picture phone to post on myspace.)

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