Body Building…Too Damn Hard


This past weekend my brother and I went to a body building competition. For the last 2 month I've seen him train and go through a rigorous diet (The type of diet that I could never stick to.) He was unable to eat food with sugar, starch, salt and flour. There would go my ice cream and sweet tooth. Either way, the competition was in West Palm Beach. I've never seen so many women over 40 who looked better than women in their 20's. Seriously, I saw a few 40+ women who made me giddy when they looked my way. The only negative was all the droopy butts.

Now listen up ladies, if you are going to work out that hard to look good, please do not forget the ass. A couple of squads a day will help you out with that.

Here is a video of my brother's routine. I hope you guys like it.

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