Miami Cancer Walk & Weekend



I got invited to a birthday bash that was really inconsistent. It was a White Trash party that had reggaeton music playing throughout the night. No Kiss, Lynyrd Skynyrd, or classic rock. It was rather disappointing. The worst thing of it all was that there were women with wife beaters who had National Geographic breasts. It was rather out of taste. I did get to see one of the most uncaring girlfriends. This guy throws up next to us. His girlfriend then proceeds make fun of him, get him a soda (caffeine and sugar are not good), and then leave to talk to people.

I ended up getting home around 4:30 with the new Taco Bell's New Chili Nachos. I must say that the dot of sour cream they put in sucks. It tastes pretty good, but when I got home I had to add 2 more spoons of the stuff and that made it better. BTW those of you into Nutritional Content here you go, Click on the link to get Taco Bell's.


I got up 40 minutes later to run in the Miami Breast Cancer Walk. I had been invited by a school colleague, Ginna. I must state that the main attraction to waking up at 6:30 am is the fact that Ginna is pretty hot. I'm delusional in thinking I might have a shot, but I might just be that guy who everyone looks at and says, "How the fuck did that happen?"

After running about 1.5 miles I started to fill a bit sick. Around the 2 mile section I had to stop. I felt Taco Bell about to come out of my stomach. So I had to walk the rest with mild sprints.

Though I did this out of selfish and non-statistical odds to score with Ginna, I did feel good about participating in this event. I got to meet some interesting ladies. Ginna's friends were pretty cool. I was part of the "girls" for better part of the morning.

Her friend Jenny has awesome legs.

We ended up going to Giorgio's somewhere by Sheridan. It was pretty good. What made it even better was hanging out with some pretty good people. I did find myself becoming less attracted to Ginna by the end of lunch/brunch though. I guess I just figured that we might not be suitable for each other.

Afterwards, I got home and ended up feeling my hamstring tightening up, which is a recurring issue when I jog long distances.

Later on I went out to Alex and Patrick's. I had to give Patrick his long overdue birthday gift; 7 Elvis shot glasses. I have managed to get Alex hooked on I Love New York 2. That show is so full of twats and dumbasses. Seriously…who would try to hook up with someone who looks like a clown and who's mother looks like a man. Then again, there are some people who think they will get their 15 minutes of fame.

Afterwards, I got a call to hang out at Bougainvilleas. I must say I was fucking exhausted by this point. I was running on fumes earlier, but now it was just sheer will that was keeping me awake.

I ended up going to sleep around 5:20 am.


I just saw this movie with Richard Gere. His last 2 movies have been about Journalists. The funny thing is that he has had to dye his hair dark brown for the roles. They are movies no one would really watch, but just the fact that Richard Gere is in them attracts the mainstream audience to a low budget film. The films are interesting because they are based on true events. So they are in fact biographies; however, they are inconsistently written.

The last two critical acclaimed movies from Britain are about the hard life in the ghettos. I don't know, but a tough guy with a British accent is just unimaginable to me. Either way, I'm talking about This Is England and London to Brighton. These movies showcase racism and the prostitution of minors in low income areas. They are quite disturbing yet; they illustrate reality and a part of society people rather not deal with.

Song of the Week:
Ian Brown - Illegal Attacks (Feat. Sinead O'Connor)
I heard this song last week and I really liked it.

Ian Brown used to be the lead singer of The Stone Roses. Between 80-84 Manchester Rock music had no heroes; however, The Stone Roses where the only thing really to keep it alive. Then you got bands like Blur and the electronic dance music (New Order) that kind of overshadowed their efforts.

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