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I sent my X61S to get repaired and I'm sorry to say that this laptop is pissing me off. Seriously, I sent it in to IBM/Lenovo to get it repaired and it came back to me with an OS (Operating System) error. I had to redo the whole installation of programs and crap. Unfortunately, causing me to miss out on various things that went on this past weekend.


A town in Puerto Rico has a policy on homeless dogs. They get them and throw them down a bridge. It's cheaper than euthanizing the animal which costs the city $50-$60.

Seriously, WTF is going on here. PETA should be there protesting the crap out of that council man and the town's leaders. The people who did this/authorized this should be lynched and thrown down that bridge while their families watch.

The stock market has gone up the last couple of days and I seem to have invested in the only stock that doesn't go up. ARGHHHH!!!

Asides from that. The middles east issues are getting more and more complex. Ever since the bombing on Syria the US is trying to play it neutral. Ultimately, the US is going to be part of another Middle Eastern conflict. Will they fully join? I don't think so; unless it's fully necessary. The US is going to flex their muscle and sway a couple of weapons and tactical Marines to help out on one or two undercover mission.


As most of you who read this blog know, I recently went to the Big Apple. I must say that NY is the town for me. I was intoxicated (alcohol) for 4 days, walked about 6 miles per day, and managed to spend a ridiculous amount of money while acting like a gigolo. NY is like my personal sex chatroom. Asides from that, it's a great city with amazing and beautiful people. I like it more than Miami. Then again, I think Burma is a lot more intriguing than Miami.

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