According to this report from BBC NEWS, Israel bombed Syria because it thinks they are building a secret nuclear site. Well so much for a secret. Israel is trying to "send a message" to other neighboring countries by doing this.
Now seriously, why can't countries in the Middle East be happy? Everyone is fighting for their own piece of land. The funny thing is that they have that. However, they all want the land of Jesus/God/Messiah.
They need to agree to share a common space, be glad they are on the map and that sanctions prohibit them from attacking each other without cause. (In theory at least). If not the UN will send it soldiers who can't really do much. All we need to do is pull out of Iraq. We already have bases in Turkey and neighboring towns. Sadly, the US will ally with Israel due to its stance on unregulated Nuclear Labs.
Though Israel has spies in different sectors of its neighboring countries, I doubt that in some way the US did not help. US and Syria do not exactly have a great relationship. The US has satellites flying over the Middle East. I mean, if you fart I'm sure the US military knows about it.

Monarchy: The Catalan Parties want the Monarchy Gone

Seriously, as I was reading this I felt a bit disappointed. King Juan Carlos has been a brilliant example of what a King should be. He has never over stepped his boundaries and has let Parliament run the country fairly well. Unlike Britain's Queen the King hardly has any extravagant expenses.
Though I must confess that the Spaniard Monarchy does not bring as much tourism money as its British counterpart. I think it is a bad idea to get rid of it. The stability is Spain's political system is greatly do to his rule and the way he has managed to deal with the diversity issues (Basque and Catalunyan Communities). Both of these cultures have often tried to become their own country. However, to no avail.
Then again things can always go back to the Francoesque ruling. A military ran country with little room for expression and advocacy for the little people.
I really dislike it when little groups try to make a bold move just to try to get attention. Attention that will definitely bring turmoil to a system that works. Let us say that they do become their own country. How will their economy fair of? They really do not export that many goods. The north eastern part is a fishing town with little to no market for big markets to try to help the economy.
At least there are no Wal-Marts to try to bankrupt little shops.
Juan Carlos is a pretty decent guy. Having lived in Spain the only issues I encountered were the random ETA bombings. I never really experienced any time of discontent for the King.

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