War…Here we go again.


OK, so not too long ago I wrote in one of these blogs that the US was going to lend their muscle to punish someone for the bombings that occurred in Syria. Well, it seems we might go to war against Iran.


Man! We do not want to leave the Middle East. We are about to embark into another regional war. The US has had its hands full in Iraq and the Democratic Party wants to pull out as soon as possible. However, the Prez wants to clean house in that area. These are religious wars they are going through. What's going to happen when we get involved? All of these Oil Rich Countries, who hate each other, are going to Allie for a stint to wreck havoc in the states. They are going to call in all of their favors and we'll see government officials selling their country for a couple of bills. BTW, If you are going to take money do not take USD since the Euro is a lot better and will soon become the dominate monetary exchange.

We should just send a flyer to these Middle Eastern countries stating, "We are going to Nuke and build a huge parking lot where you are now. Please vacate premises."

The kids in these countries are raised to hate Americans. While kids in America are taught to learn from large yellow bird, the kids in the M.E. (Middle East) are taught how to make a bombs out of gum and left over Mercedes Benz parts.

I guess this will be a crusade. Another war waged on oil and for sticking our noses where it doesn't belong. Then again, the Military sends illiterates and drop outs with psychological and mother issues. The problem lies when we run out of inbreeds. Who are we going to send???

There are only a few illegal immigrants who will accept suicide missions for their green card.

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