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T-Mobile and One PC Per Child.

This is someone giving a review of the laptop.

Either way, I was reading that T-Mobile is behind the product. The German company is giving anyone who purchases a laptop a free year of Wireless Connection on T-Mobile's HotSpots.

The thing is that when you purchase a laptop you have to buy two.
So, for $400 you get a laptop and they donate the other one automatically. Plus, if you purchase these from Nov 2 -28 you get a year's worth of wi-fi internet ($349 worth)for Free.

Just in case you live in a cave or in a closet, the one laptop per child concept. Is to fabricate laptops for $100. This non-profit org. is targeting 3rd world countries to help bring them to the 21st century.

This past weekend in Miami, they had a sleepness night. It's a night were they have 13hrs of straight interactive art.
Most of it was pretty boring. Well everything except this dome of rubber that is completely held up my air.
It was pretty awesome.
Jessica, Patrick and I went and waited about 30 mins. We had a 1hr wait, but Jessica worked a deal with the guy at the door and we got to skip the line.
So my hat's off to Jess.
Overall, the weekend was great. Very minimal yet awesome.

Song of the Late Night Insomniacs
Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton - Dr. Skeleton

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