The Night Seems Longer Now Days


There's nothing worse than waking up in the morning mist to go to work. To realize on your way back from work that you haven't seen daylight in days. Daylight saving's is kind of a robbery. Too bad we can't do much except go on with our day. Try not to take light in vein and move on with the left over shadows ruminant of what we missed. Translucent in hope? Weekend, never thought I would long for a two day rest from darkness. The days I look forwards to lie in bed. Do nothing and take life for granted come to an end. I'm waking up with the sun. Running that walk I should have started long ago.

Motivation…maybe what I needed to place some perspective to this unfolding stand-still. The sprinklers shot off one after another. Only if you could see it…running on the side walk from street to street. Keeping up with this synchronize miracle. Bakeries are opening their doors and coffee houses begin to brew their daily aroma. It isn't a beautiful morning unless you get that smell of baked goods and coffee in your system. It enhances every sensation…even hunger, but I can't stop. Make a left and another left. I'm running along the sea watching the sun's gaze reflect on the oceans' calm.

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