Shut the F* Up!!!


I missed the bus and I'll neva'-eva do it again. The shuttle that takes me from one school to the other one has decided to ignore my running plead to stop and continue on without me. Even though I was dressed up in a suit the driver just looked at me and kept on driving. ASSHOLE!!!

Either way, the week has been blessed with news and more entertaining and exciting than Bush's catastrophic public speaking. This time it came at the IberoAmericano discourse last week. The ever so gallant thrasher of Bush Chavez decided to pick on the Spaniard ex-prime minister Aznar. Calling Aznar a fascist and disrupting the current Spaniard PM during his speech. Well the incident got so heated that the king of Spain leaned over and said, "Callate la voca," which translate to "shut up."

Chavez's attack on the ex-Spaniard PM is due to the alliance they had with Bush during the war. However, Chavez states that this friendship with Bush also had another purpose, to discourage and dissolve any economic growth Venezuela could have in Spain.

Spain's current PM Zapatero was more than diplomatic in trying to dissolve the issue. At times Zapatero pleaded with Chavez to please not attack the "public elected president of Spain." In a way it seemed as the statement was a shot at Chavez. Since Chavez was not elected to power. The altercation was another way for Chavez to take reigns and attention at a global function.

Ultimately, the people in charge did very little to discourage Chavez's actions. The only thing that was done was to cut off his microphone, which did very little.

The king walked out in protest of the way the situation was handled. I, in the other hand would have stood up and bitch slapped the dictator and said, "I am the king, if it wasn't for Spain all of you would be speaking English and Bush would have been your president."

I've seen the king in person. He stands at over six feet. The king easily towers over Chavez. I wonder why the people in South America have a predilection towards dictators. It's as if they do not have Social Studies in their educational system.

Oh well. It provides countless hours of entertainment. Sadly, at the cost of the civilians who have to endure the cruel ruling.

Well that's my rant for the day. I have more personal ones, but I'd rather not go into it since this piece is just "ah-berry nicez."

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