Chavez is Pretty Smart


A lot of people have been visiting the Venezuelan elected dictator and have walked away in awe. I've come to the conclusion that dictators are very charismatic. Their strife for power makes them very diplomatic and chameleon like at the beginning. However, once they come to power they can argue themselves out of every situation. Case in point; Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini.

Well in this new scenario, Chavez has managed to trade oil for services. A few countries have agreed to differ oil payments and be charged 1% interests over 25 yrs. You can also pay by sending doctors, engineers, nurses, and other public servants. However, who determines their value? Chavez does. Ultimately, it does work for both countries, but it mostly benefits Chavez.

On a personal note:

Went on what I thought was a great date. However, since I didn't make a pass she thought I might have been gay.

Haha-haha. I guess I need to be more aggressive.

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