Syria, Iraq and the Kurds...Where is the US?

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That's an odd word; queue. Most people get it wrong. Then again, 5% of Americans do not know where the US is. I shouldn't mock the US. After all I am an American. Though through association.
Where else can you get and All-You-Can-Eat Buffet for $9? I'm pretty sure nowhere in the world.
Well as of late the military has been playing it coy in the middle east. As it is letting the middle eastern countries attack each other to draw attention away from Iraq... And it seems to be working. Whomever is running the PR campaign in the pentagon is doing a good job. Syria, Turkey and the Kurds are all over the news. However, the US gets named dropped every so often. However, they deny their involvement and do not make a ruckus about the issue. I'm surprised the press has not been all over this. There needs to be much needed investigation and evidence. Nothing happens in the middle east without the military knowing.
Somethings a muck here and I wish I could put my finger on it.
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