Who wears short sleeved turtlenecks?


Now, I'm not gay. Nor am I a fashion guru, but who the hell would buy a short sleeved turtleneck. Ever more, who in their right mind would wear one? This one guy would. I think one can attribute the level of intelligence to a person's misguided clothes selection.

I find it humorous that FIU will host the burial ceremony of a UM player. This is the 3rd big burial ceremony held at FIU. Pretty much soon we'll be known for the school who just buries famous people. I could become a professional Pallbearer if all fails.

The Celtics are on a row and I'm even prouder to be a Celtics fan. I've always been a fan; however, the franchise had fallen to hard time. The death of Len Bias to drugs and Reggie Lewis to heart complications left the Celtics in trouble until Paul Pierce and Antoine Walker started to play together.

2 girls 1 cup has become an instant acceptance of watching fetish porn. Parents and kids are joining in and watching 2 girls 1 cup. I never would have thought of the day people would admit to watching scat porn and tape themselves having a reaction to it. It's rather humorous.

The US economy seems to be dipping even more. At least we are not engaged in another war. Tensions in the Middle East seem to have simmered a bit in the last week.

Though this is very imperialistic, why don't we just invade everyone? Call them Americans and leave them as independent states under one flag. That is a brilliant idea. It would be a lot easier and probably cheaper to travel to Europe.

I've been hooked on Mark Ronson's Stop Me Medley. That song is so catchy and interesting. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4kBr5WWiBM

I applied for an internship at a local newspaper. I hope I get it. I thought about teaching for a while after my degree, but seeing as some of the high school girls look like women who will soon be porn stars, I'd rather save myself the embarrassment and legal prosecution of doing something stupid.

It's funny to see how now people are reading their news. How so? Well, most of the people are getting their daily Entertainment News so they can know about the writer's strike. No one ever cares until it affects them. The effects of this have caused some drastic changes in people's lives. What used to be filed with TV time now has to be filled with talk time or for some older couples sex time.

Though I am comfortable with both, I know some older couples who would rather do neither.

At what age does sex go from fun to a marital assignment?

I'm not married, but I've had relationships that have lasted over a year and I've never looked at sex as a job. I guess once I get married I will see how naïve I was.

I've been watching Tell Me You Love Me. It's a very realistic show on Showtime. It explores life like relationships and their hardships. I like the fact that it goes over different aspects of troubled married life. You have the older married couple who are at peace with whom they are. You have the 40's couple who at one moment has realized that he no longer desires his wife and cannot have sex with her anymore. Then there is the early 30's successful couple who can't get pregnant. It's become such as issue that it's all the wife can think about; emotionally alienating her partner's needs for her own. Then there's the young mid 20's girl who has a stable life, but her romantic life is turmoil.

I wrote about it in an earlier entry and I really enjoy this show. Plus the young 20's girl is uber hot. Asides from her relationship issues and her smoking she'd be perfect.

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