Why? War…Really?


So…What can I say except, "TOLD YOU SO!!!" I couple of months ago I wrote this article. According to Turkey, the US military was ok with giving Turkey Fighting Planes Air clearance to bomb Kurds.
1st, 2nd & 3rd. A day later the US said that it did not do such a thing and urged Turkey and Iraq to solve their issues.

A while back there was an attack on Syria. Supposedly the US knew about it, but failed to do anything. However, as I wrote before the US must be in bed with a couple of countries here. The US's radar and satellites are too good not to pick out a fleet of fighting planes flying over 100 miles to attack someone. US is playing every country. The military is trying to gather favors so it can ask for them later. It also takes focus out of the military and their involvement in Iraq.

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