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Song of the Week

Song of the Week. Gorillaz - Hong Kong

Eat Good In The Neighborhood

What Meat looks like through a blurry lens. Yummy!!! After seeing this I was compelled to eat cow intestines and bath in bacon grease.
Damn! I'm sexy. My brother and I went to Apple Bees and their NY Strip is 50% meat-50% fat.
No wonder Americans are fat asses.
BTW. Their hamburger meat is quite delish.

My Neighborhood

As real estate plummets, companies cut jobs, the stock market falls, and people lose their homes, I've noticed that more and more homeless people are coming down to suberbia.
Then again...why not?
Suburbs have a lot of green areas, low crime, and pretty food in the trash bins. I've seen people throw out a slice of pizza after one bite.
That type of gesture stimulates the economy in 2 ways. First, it feeds the homeless, 2nd that person spends reckless amounts of money in stuff he or she do not need.


Well it seems as if Hilary and her lack of people skills is giving Barack a run for his money.
Barack (I went white for a second, but for career choices, I went back to black) I think would be better suited as a vice president at this moment.
His people skills and like-ability is certainly something that could be used to influence and establish foreign relationships.
Hilary has strong and great ideas when it comes to foreign policies. After all, she did learn from Slick Willy.
However, her domestic record is somewhat inconsistent. I think this is an area that Barack can really help. He's smooth and could sell ice to an Eskimo. His local record plus ideas seem sound and with Hilary's influence and advisory panel they would def. place the social issues and the economy back in place.
The Rep. Party?
Well, I like McCain. He seems like a nice guy who really wants to make a change in the world. However, being a republican, and having just ended 8 years of perhaps the worst presidency, I am sure he is fighting an uphill battle.
Usually when people are electing their local officials based on party affiliation, one can at times determine the presidency party to win.
It's time all the money I lost in the stock market comes back.
I need the USD to be worth more than the Canuck.
F*ing A!!!

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