Summary with a bit of details and song of the week

Well it's sad to tell you that the only update to the site in the past year has been the coachella line up. I know, sad.
However, I'll break it down from New Years until now.
My relatives came and spent time with us. w00t!!!
I got to meet one my little cousins.
I also got to meet someone who gave me hope.

Now the 2nd half.
School is a lot of work and I've realized that I'm motivated to be lazy.
Got to see a great movie that has been overlooked at the Golden Globes, The Kite Runner.
Fellini's catalog of films and talent is unmeasured. The man created the first independent film and should be hailed as one of the greatest film directors.
Alexandra came into town and it was great being with her.

Now on the real NEWS!!!
The primaries have gotten tough.
Clinton vs. Barrack has gotten really intense.
It was bound to happen. They are going at each other's neck while Edwards is just on the sideline attacking whomever is at fault.
No one has really turned their personal attacks towards Edwards. I wonder when that will happen.

Huckabee has started to Slain McCain. Though he stated he had nothing to do with it. There were calls made to over 500 people stating that McCain was for killing unborn babies for profit. In other words , he is for the furthering of stem cell research. This research can help cure, cancer, Parkinson, deformed body parts and more.

The social turbulence in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has gotten worst and worst. Now the civilians have started to revolt against the military. There are cases where the military officials have raped and killed young women.
Not to mention that Kenya is on its way to taking the spotlight from Burma and Congo.

Africa should get its shit together. Seriously, if the people who rule decided to get their people better working conditions and charged foreign businesses more for their people's services they could certainly do it. Better conditions and production = more money. They could even steal a bit more off the top. More income also provides more community advances; schools, AIDS programs, Safe Sex Education.
A lot of people in Africa are dying of AIDS. The more people with aids: the less people working at factories.

However, the corrupt powers that be think that keeping their people uneducated is a good decision.

On another issue: abortion.
Ok, so Bush has decided to give his opinion where it doesn’t belong.
He lent his support to a anti-abortion rally on its 35 anniversary.
I do not know about you, but being a male in a anti-abortion rally…you kind of feel like the problem.

The US stock market hit another skid. I’ve lost so much money by now that I’m just in tears. As I read about this I’m pulling my hair and wondering why I ever thought about the stock market.

3 Big Chain stores in England have and will stop selling analog TV’s and VCR’s. This comes after England has made it a law that all TV signals will be in digital form by 2012. However, analogue sales have gone down by 90% in the last 5 yrs. So it makes sense.

Lastly, Heath Ledger was found dead today.
Man had a lot going for himself.
He had a beautiful baby.
His Joker role in the new Batman was supposed to catapult his career again.

It seems as if he accidentally overdosed on sleeping pills.
Sucks! Another noble person bites the dust.

Song of the Week.
Here are the original and 2 cover versions of The Smiths’ "Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before"

The Smiths – Stop Me if You’ve Heard this one Before

Mark Ronson

Noel Gallagher, Chris Martin - Version

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