A couple of things


This was a picture of my view yesterday.
I wish every day way like this. WAIT!!! It almost can.

I hardly make any of these blogs about me, but as of late I've had an issue in the love dept.
First case,I've fallen for this amazing woman who is independent and just outstanding. Her individuality and her mental strength are amazing. I've tried to stand aside and let her run this friendship. However, I am encountering a bit of a struggle with her.
She doesn't want to fall in love with me, but finds it rather difficult and tries to convince herself of this. I think at times having an inner struggle that ultimatelly is taken out on me.
I'm 99% sure that if it wasn't for this...things would be completely different between her and I.

Second case, it's a girl whom I met two years ago. She's completely perfect in many ways. She's into liberal arts, loves classic music, and is amazingly kind. However, she lives with someone whom she does not love any more. Furthermore, I think she's afraid to be alone.
She has this aura about her that makes you smile. She recycles, is a vegetarian, and tries to make everything around her better.
Unfortunatelly, I do not know what I should do. I like them both. Both represent an ideal side of what I consider an amazing woman.

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