Cuba and it's President


Well it seems Cuba is going to elect its new president today, Sunday, Feb 24, 2008. Many have claim that Fidel's younger brother, Raul 76, will take over the presidency.
I had a discussion with this girl the other day and she said that Cuban's did not know about Castro's evil ways. She went on to state that Bautista was a horrible man and that her family was a week away from getting killed.
The thing about Bautista is that he was corrupt and he did not like people messing with him. As long as you gave him your money you could do whatever you felt like in your property.
Fidel in many way is worse. What did the Cuban people not see when people opposed Fidel?
Fidel was killing people left and right before he came to power, but I guess as long as he doesn't have your family in the death list you support him.

On other, more important news.
This week in Eastern Europe things will get intense. Especially, with the Kosovo incident. What incident is that? Well Kosovo just went and declared itself independent. Now Serbia and Russia are ticked off because Kosovo is/was part of Serbia and Serbia is Part of Russia.
Most countries have decided to consider Kosovo a country; however, Russia, Spain and a few others have neglected to do so.
It will be interesting to see, which other cities will feel inspired by the movement and declare itself a country.

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