Diff’rent Strokes


As the world turns and more things fall into place I can't help it, but to listen to more Smiths and Morrissey songs. The world is settling a bit now and my thoughts can stop spinning.

Someone in Czech Republic found Hitler's gold. Too bad the government always takes 80% of all items found in its land. J

Over 2 Million people in FL were without electricity today. Miami know for having the rudest drivers in the States decided to proof this by having major road accidents while the traffic lights did not work.

Well at least most power was restored. However, FPL is going to have a lot of money to pay for damaged appliances.

In a surprise vote, Cuba picked Raul Castro (Fidel's younger brother) and president of the island. According to many he is a greedy individual and the US might be able to buy him out. Finally, now most Cuban's could go back to Havana…yeah…don't think it will happen for a long time.

In Kenya the war had stopped while they tried to negotiate for peace. A few days later they had to stop because it got too dangerous.

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