Lawsuit happy & Sweeps


Well it seems as if Best Buy really pissed off some lady. She sued electronic retail store for $54 Million.
she sent her laptop for repairs and they have her the run around for 6months until they told her it was lost.
They then offered her $800 when she paid $1100. Seriously, whomever does their people skills should be fired.
Not to mention whomever offered her a second ($900) and third offer($1100 in store credit)
They should have offered her a laptop replacing hers and the cost of her laptop. Now they are going to spend all of this money and time in court.


It seems as if Barack will be winning the prenimilaries. He just won Maryland, Delaware and DC. Mrs. Clinton is in deep shit!
She better wake up and not cry anymore. She just makes the rest of us uncomfortable when she gets sentimental.

Asides from that it seems as if it will be McCain vs. Barack.

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