Several Things


The estate of JRR Tolkien is suing New Line Cinema.

The writers are coming back on Wednesday. W00t!

Dana Perino is HOT!!! Ok…I thought she was…Just saw a picture of her on google search and she looks better on TV.

Having said her name…this leads me to waterboarding. Since the US has claimed they do not torture detainees unless they are a possible threat to National Security.

What is Waterboarding you ask?
-Well it is not something you do for fun. It's when they turn you upside down, cover your face with a cloth and pour water on your face. Mimicking or simulating drowning.

It seems US official and trying to downplay the issue. However, the press is not letting this one slip away.


Barack Obama is on a Roll.
Barack won 5 states and a Grammy for best spoken album.
Talk about an awesome week.

Clinton is falling behind. L
Then again America is still more of a sexist nation than a racist nation.


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