There’s no Sex in Violence


Well a sharp shooter killed 5 ladies at a mall in Chicago today. What has the world come to? What
is wrong with the world when 5 suburbanite women cannot shop in peace? The supposed killer is 5'9 and 250lbs. Fat bastard probably thought he was still playing Halo or Call of Duty 4.

If you can't trust a Politian…who can you trust; Your Neighbor? A crazy mayor decided to kidnap her neighbor's Shih Tzu. The sad thing is that the major is also the neighbor. After having taken care of the dog, she decided to tell the owner that it died. I freaking hate Shih Tzu.

This seems like a good thing to do. Charge shoppers for plastic bags at supermarkets. This forces shoppers to buy cloth bags to help the environment. Somewhere, someone is benefiting from the transfer of materials.
I for one can see the appeal, but I use supermarket bags as room garbage bags. So I do kind of recycle them. Whatever happened to people using recycled paper bags?

I was looking online as I usually do for clever things I wish I was apart off. Unfortunately, nothing really intriguing happens in Miami.

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