The world at the library…Woo!


Yeah this is a picture of the view I had at the library. The library is a great place to go if you want peace and quiet…However, it's also a great place to see girls modeling their latest outfits. Never knew it, but girls also place emphasis on who looks hotter at the library. Though I must state for the record, that idiot-savantian (Jeans, white V-neck shirt, sandals, and square glasses.) qualities are hot at the library. Though that's just an opinion ladies. I'm not an oppressor…unless you like kinky stuff like that.

While at the library I also encountered this guy.
Now everyone is entitled to practice their religion and go out in public. It's just kind of odd to see a guy with a turban, jeans and a t-shirt, macking it to a blonde all American girl. Mind you, I'm not saying it's wrong; just odd to see. It's just odd to see someone from this culture in jeans and a T.

There should be more Robeks Juice around. Really…this stuff is off the hook. Rather than basing their smoothies on milk or powdered milk, they use Sorbet. It gives it a lighter feel and sweeter.

At the library again tomorrow. ARGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

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