Atlanta and its tornados + then some


Well, it seems Al Gore was right. The world's environment is going topsy-terby and the effects are becoming evident.
First, Miami got a couple of tornadoes, which is something that hardly ever happens. Then Atlanta got hit hard by one.

As gas prices go higher, the ethanol market has seen an increase as of late. A couple of weeks I meant to blog about this; however, I didn't. Well I stopped at a Hess gas station and to my surprise...10% of the gas had ethanol. What pissed me off was that it was 5 cents more expensive than the next gas station up the street. Not to mention that the other gas station was 100% gas. Now, it can be said that i do get peace of mind because I am helping the environment and a new form of fuel. And I could I agree with that. However, for an alternative fuel source it should be moderately priced. Ethanol burns a lot quicker than gas, making the consumption rather rapid compared to gas.
To further the lopsided consumption, more crop growers as starting to grow more corn (ethanol comes from corn) to meet demands, at times at the expense of other types of crops. This is creating inflation in other vegetable and fruit markets.
On Saturdays, I like to go into work and watch cartoons.
It's one of the few things I can still enjoy with multiple people is watching cartoons.
However, the channel has none of that. :-(

2 idiots try to Rob a Police Station
A 12 and 14 year old were caught trying to rob a police station.
Seriously, I would expect it to be an honest mistake and they thought it was a costume shop.
I want to know those kids thought process...did they see terminator and think, "Hey! IF he did it we can do it too!"

Just saw my old school mate Natalia Castellanos come out on an infomercial for Lehman. Always thought she was cute, her eyes are a bit too small and it illustrates on TV, but she is one of the nicest and coolest women around.

I guess that's all I have to report for now. :-)

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