A lot of sad things this week


Ridan - Ulysse

Well there seems to be a lot of news this past week. The world is spinning too fast and the 24hrs around the world are causing more missed-cues and deliberate non-affecting news to become news. But we will not do that here I say.

BBC has decided to create a 24hr news network in Arabic. According to BBC, the news will be presented in a fearless and fact driven pace. Which unlike before, it was partly fictional and very pc oriented.

The US dollar hits another low as more companies lose money. There must be all of these companies who made multi-year contracts out there. They celebrated and had parties when they got the "big" account.
However, now that the US dollar is half of what it used to be, these companies are cutting expenses in drastic measures to have an overhead and/or break even. There have been hostile-takeovers left and right, as one company buys stakes into another one to keep it alive. I'm surprised the Middle East and Asia have not decided to buy these companies or make their stakes a lot higher. The US economy is down, but they have the money to weather out the storm.
Let's be thankful that we are not china and our food has not seen an inflation of 40-50%. OUCH!

Things in Kenya seem to be guided in the right path. Parliament has agreed to at least hear a proposal that would seize the riots instigated by a tampered election. The resolution states that the president who won the last election will remain as president; however, the opposition will go ahead and get the PM position with the right to create 2 Deputy PM positions. Consequently, they are having issues with the fine print of the contract.
Why is it that the problem is always in the small print? It's never in the big picture. It's a lot like the bills that get passed in congress that are attached to a bill that will get passed. They have nothing to do with each other, but they get passed. Example: The bill that will get passed is the "Equality housing" bill. Attached to that is the "every car salesperson get a tax deduction for selling cars" bill.

Will update later.

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