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I read this article and I was amazed that stuff like this was going on. A couple of white students in South Africa got a couple of black college workers and forcefully got them to eat urinated food.
The kids have been suspended and have been charged. However, this has not been the only racial incident in the past month. According to the South African Institute of Racial relations the recent activities could hamper progress made.
Sadly, Africa has always had to deal with this social disorder. There was a time in 2000 when I couldn't go because of racial tensions.

The AK party in Turkey has been in power the last couple of years and has really helped stable economy of the country; however, the secular state has been seeing problem from its own populous.
Turkey is proud of the fact that they were founded on a government that does not impose religious beliefs on its people.
However, the current political group is ahead in the poll.
The AK, who is composed of traditional Muslims, have managed to have political control of the country for nearly a decade.
Well, being that Turkey is a secular state and has managed to keep religion and politics apart, the AK just passed a law that lets turban wearing Muslims go into government building and schools with their turbans on.
The law before was the fact that turban wearing Muslims had to take off their turbans before going into public building.
Though this mostly affects women, it also gives them the freedom to walk into a government building, which some neglected to do because of their religious believes.

117 boys are born per every 100 girls.
Well according to reports it seems that women are being kidnapped in China and being sold as wives.
This issue stems from the old communist party who encouraged Chinese couples to have male boys rather than girls, this way the population crisis to be under control. However, it has created this despair among men. It is socially unacceptable/looked down upon to be unwed after a certain age in their culture.

Venezuela and Columbia seems to have a bit of turmoil "thing" going. Chavez is trying to create an alliance in South America that will try to cut the US's power. How is he doing this?
He is offering money cuts on oil, and he is trying to supply countries with what they need the most.
However, he is failing short on his promises and people are starting to wonder when the help will come.
Either way, the US has pledged to help Colombia in any way they can. There is also evidence that Chavez is providing guerrilla groups with support.

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