Sorry for the slack

So as of late I've been slacking a bit.
I haven't written much, but really...nothing has changed.
More people are telling Hilary to zimma' down na'!
In other words...just quit!
Do not know if these stories are true or not.
However, I feel as if America is a lot more of a feminist nation
than a racist one.
Miami just had ULTRA Fest.
I must say that I'm proud to be one of the few who did not go.
It's always such a mess to go. However, one can have a good time.
I went to this Italian rest. everyone talks about and it was shitty.
They did not season the chicken before placing on the batter
It was unseasoned chicken with Mozzarella Cheese and marinara.
Needless to say my brother and I are not going back.
The Counterfeiters
The movie is actually about a group of Jewish concentration camp workers who are given "upscale" treatment in turn, they have to produce counterfeit British bills and the US Dollar during WWII. Most of the Jewish people in block 18-19 are artists who take pride in the work they do, especially when the reward is your life. However, we see how through the cracks the German soldiers still take advantage and degrade these prisoners.
I thought the movie was tasteful.
Majority of the movie (90%) takes place in the concentration camp.
If you're into history, this movie is based on true facts.

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