Women and Men and an instance where they differ.

As I sit in my luxury office, which doubles as a library. I tend to overhear the ladies complaining and gossiping about their work and pay. I think gossiping is something embedded in a woman's gene. At least the way it is done. I've noticed that men wait 'til happy hour or by the water cooler to take about stuff.
Now-a-days since emails are being checked and seen by corporations this form of gossip has diminished.
Still, do not gossip at work about pay and the way things run. That's how people start talking about other people and alliances are formed.
I read a friends blog and it stated the following,
"Can men and women be friends?

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Can men and women be friends? It is an age old question, and a heated one at that. Everyone has a different opinion on this subject and I am always fascinated by both points of view.

Skeptics tend to feel that either one person in the friendship harbors secret feelings for the other, or that the only way a man and a woman can be friends is if they have already crossed the platonic line earlier in their friendship. Those who do believe in different sex friendships are adamant about defending their relationships and dispelling any preconceived stigmas attached to male/female bonds.

While age and circumstance have a lot to do with it, do you feel men and women really can be just friends?"

Mind you, I think men and women can be friends as long as there isn't a desire by either one of them to sleep with each other.
Once there is an attraction I think the tension will be increased based on circumstance and or opportunity.

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