Song of the Week, FIU Budget Meeting Part Deux and Ideas

Ivy -Let's GO to Bed (Cure Cover)

So, I've been writing another speech for the meeting on Friday. I actually started last night since I couldn't sleep. I had too many ideas and too many points to highlight in this week's speech. I will post my speech after the meeting.

We are going to have a baked goods sale on Tuesday at the BBC. I'm bringing Chrystal Light. Since there are a lot of people who are diabetic or do not want sugar.

I've had a few brilliant ideas as of late on enhancing income at the SJMC.

1. There are a lot of events that happen in Miami. The school could offer to do a free event for a big company. Well, not the school, but the students. Intern, the students get real life expirience. As the school starts to prosper (hopefully), the companies who hire the PR students for events can pay the school in form of a donation which would be tax deductable.

2. The marketing students can also add to the project above and find ways to advertise and market the event.

3. The Beacon's editor-in-chief needs to be fired or given a class on how to assign stories. If you read the newspaper you'll see where I'm coming from. There's no appeal for the students to pick it up unless they are killing time or cleaning a spill.

4. The Beacon is really a bad student newspaper that needs a makeover. The marketing students should look at the newspaper and do marketing research to enhance the profile and revenue school's newspaper.

Well that's all I have for now. The rest is hush-hush!lol

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