A lot of S*!T going on!!!

Well as you can read, on my previous entry I wrote the 1st draft of my speech tomorrow. I'm sure it will aggravate the President and a few people. I had a more exploitative speech, but people tend to tune you out when you are pissing them off. The point is to get them a bit mad, but not mad enough to break the concentration and effectiveness of the speech. I wish I was a regular Shakespeare, but I'm not. :-(

Either way, our heads have been turning while our world is burning.

Either way, the US sinks farther into a recession and unemployment goes up; 5.6%, which seems to be a pattern every time there is a recession. Everyone is cutting costs and regimenting their budgets.

I had all of these things to write about yesterday and they are gone. As if someone took all of my ideals away.
Either way, I'm sitting next to someone who wears hip huggers and little shirts and yet does not possess the body to really pull it off.

Has porn really desensitized our sense of reality?
In 3 different occasions, 3 guys have been arrested because they've masturbated in front of their subjects.
Seriously, if you like a girl introduce yourself. Don't pull it out and start going at it. Life is not a gonzo film.

That an no matter what their penis will never blossom into a beautiful flower to give her.
Now you have to wonder...what possessed these guys to do that and did they really think the women were going to get turned on by this?
Only women can spread their legs, touch themselves, and get away with it because men are as easy as Sunday morning. Unless, the woman is too utterly unattractive. By that time the guy would have taken a video of the lady, made fun of her and posted it on YouTube.

I wrote a while back about how farmers were growing more corn crops to help with the rising demand in an alternative petroleum. Well the domino effect has been seen recently.

Well the other crops care becoming more scarce. The more limited an item, the more it costs. However, crop growing has been hit with a bad season and with the cost rising in food products, a lot of crop growers will see a hit in their pockets.

Rice which was once an abundant product given to poor countries is now being grown very limited. This causes an issue when poor countries try to feed their people with promised rice that cannot be delivered due to restrictions.

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