New York, Chocolates and SJMC

New York…New York

Well I’m sitting next to someone who is from NY. She is trying to explain how awesome NY is. Now mind you, I love New York. I’ve been to New York and partied non-stop for about a week without going out of Manhattan. However, she starts talking about stadiums and arenas with a guy, and then has to ask another guy for the difference. “Arenas are in doors and Stadiums are outdoor (open roof),” I state. Not to mention that Stadiums can hold more people than Arenas. Either way, why get into a conversation were you have little knowledge for what you are spilling?

Life is like a Box of Chocolates

Well, I figured I needed to get into a diet and the first thing I did was wake up, go to the FIU overly priced commodity shop and by Ferrero Roche chocolates. According to studies though, they say that a reasonable amount of chocolate can help your health. However, chocolate has a chemical that blocks the brain from registering how much is enough. Hence why we can eat a whole bar and the only thing we feel afterwards is thirst and a sense of comfort.

Yesterday and our school

Well…yesterday was an interesting day. We had our first budget meeting. I must state that I was a bit nervous getting up there and making my speech. Though my comments were majorly for the Provost the President did not hesitate to give his 2 cents. I must say that the Prez is rather good at disarming peoples serious comments with a joke and then he picks his points and makes your argument sound as if you were wrong. He tried to do that at times with my argument, and I wish I would have stood next to the mic to reply to a couple of his answers, but I’ll be prepared in Round 2.
I though the overall that our department addressed its issue pretty well. Our department means the students. However, the Journalism teaching department needs to do something. I’ve been reading up on staffs from other Journalist Schools and the teachers write books, get Pulitzers for writing investigative articles and just do a better job at being professionals who teach. Our teachers sometimes, I feel, view the university as a place to die or a place to collect some extra money in a city that most can’t afford. I know it’s harsh criticism, but I’ve been here long enough to make certain annotations. Ultimately, teachers are the motivators to attract students. Once instructors do that the student will carry that passion with them and encourage others. Also, our faculty needs to get their asses in gear and start fundraising. Most schools and departments have their students do that. I’ve yet to see us get in the mood to help out.
Another issue I have is that our newspaper’s main office is at another campus. Really…what’s up with that? The Journalism department needs to reconsider that move. More people would join if the newspaper’s office was in the same campus as the department.


I had this idea the other day… the Mass Communication School needs to be more independent. It needs to get its own money so it can write about the administration and its inappropriate moves. Right now, I see the paper as a boring read in between commutes. Why not get the Marketing Classes to do a project to enhance the newspaper’s profile and get advertising up. Why not get the PR people to host events for the school of Mass Communications? These events can be viewed as real life experience exercises.

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