Private conversations on mobile phones make it public interest. And Morality and Ethics.

Riding high on the momentum of my speech, I had asked the Dean if she could give me a copy of the Dept. expenses. Basic ally, I want to know how the school spends its money. She stated she would be ok with that; however, it proved to be a bit more difficult and they seem to give me a bit of a run around. See FIU is a public university and under law I can get a copy of their budget. However, I would hate to result to such tactics. In yesterday’s meeting out of all the issues we have someone asked what we were doing to help the environment. I can see that being an issue, but a low priority when it comes to NOT HAVING FUNDS FOR EDUCATION!!!

Either way, the same issues around the world prevail. Sometimes you hope that from one day to the next, the world solves some of its problems. Sadly, a resolution to issues takes a lot longer than a problem takes to develop.

Here is a what if…I know…but what if people rather than reading Perez Hilton would read the daily news and see how the world around them is more than traffic jams and mortgage rates. People tend to pay attention when issues pertain to them. As long as it does not affect you, you don’t care. However, we’ve seen how the issue in Africa or third world countries does affect everyone.
We get our cheap labor from those countries and as long as we don’t have to pay more on things we are ok with looking the other way. In recent reports, it has been noted that the US likes to enforce policies on other nations; however, the sense of morality is gone when it comes purchasing cheaper products.
In a way I can see the nation doing that (I don’t approve); however, see the example above, people care more about saving a penny rather than the morality and ethical choice.

On another passenger note, I love mobile phones. Their facilitation and convenience cannot be understated. Not to mention that people have no sense of what is a private conversation anymore. A student is describing how she will delete her myspace due to the strain it has caused in her relationship. Seriously, I KNOW THE BUS COMMUTE IS LONG, BUT SENSOR YO’ SELF!

Having said that, back to my previous point. We should be more proactive with the choices our government makes on our behalf. We all love to make money and having the flexibility to purchase things to make our lives more comfortable and gratifying. However, at what point do we look the other way? We have accepted that children make our shoes, and that people in less that workable conditions are sowing our clothes, but should this rationality be acceptable when we fight so hard in America not to have them?

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