SJMC Speech Revision 2.0


Good afternoon,

My name is Roberto Moreno and I'm a Journalist student at the School of Mass Communication. I'm here because there is a threat that the school of Journalism-Mass Communications will fail to be based on the outcome of this meeting.

I've been a student at FIU for quite a while. I've seen Deans and instructors come and go. I've seen fellow students graduate and have a sense of pride over their scholarly achievement…a degree from the school of Mass Communication. See, not many schools can claim to have won 8 Pulitzer awards in a 25 year span. These alumni's set a standard and called national attention to a school not even known to writers.

My understanding is that initially, the School was supposed to receive a substantial budget reduction; however, there has been a push by the Provost to eradicate the school of Mass Comm. Sir, all I have to tell you is, "How dare you?"
We are students who take pride in our school. We are students who should not have to worry about losing our home just because someone in your proximity states, "I don't see the point to the school of journalism." Even more, that comment was meant at another university.

In Miami there is a very competitive Mass Communication market. We have the Public Relations students who will help companies and people save face. Marketing students who will help develop and expand businesses and markets. Lastly, there are Journalists. Journalists are the keepers of history. We write about life and make people aware of issues they might not understand or issues they are not aware off. Journalists are history keepers and the storytellers .
Take our school away from us and what will you have tomorrow?

The University's success depends on its students as much as the student's success depends on the tools given to him by his school. If the school of Mass Communication closes down, students will leave. Why come to a University that does not fight for its students? Furthermore, why come to a school that teaches students the value of funding a Sky Box rather than an education? Not to mention FIU, our school, is the University with the highest athletic fees in the state.
In a time when there are budget and program cuts I see our University opening a medical school and upgrading a football field. It is our job to worry about our education; it is your jobs to build on alumni donations, enhancing resources and research sections.

I've seen FIU go from a school that had an emphasis on education, to a school that has cut scholarships and programs, and added fees to accommodate a sports team. Not to mention an added priority within priority section to the Law, and Business schools based on financial gains. It may not be an FIU thing, but the way the cuts are made are. I ask you board members, "Why not take a stance and make education the priority?"

Thanks you for your time.

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