SJMC Students...some of them need to expand their vocabulary

I'm in a room with 2 other students. They happen to be women, but I'm not going to make it a sex thing.
I'll make it a lack of vocabulary thing.
The young lady talked for 2 minutes and said the word, "like" 15 times. No kidding, 15. OMFG!
Needless to say the article I linked yesterday does do a great job in stating why we are tier 4 in education. Not to mention we have one of the smallest educational budgets.
So, welcome to Florida. The home of Disney, scammers, immigrants, and 3rd World Education and beautiful shallow people.
That's an awesome slogan.
In fact, if I ever open a new blog...that will be the name.


Well today I had a long conversation with the Dean of SJMC. We went over a couple of ideas I had and hopefully things will be implememented as a result of this conversation.
I did ask her for the copy of the budget and how the dept. breaks down its expenses. She told me it gets done quarterly and that she'll try to go ahead and get me the new one or the old budget.
Either way, I want to see where my tuition mula goes to.
Asides from that the world seems to be out of queue a bit. We'll see tonight if it falls back on orbit.

Celtics vs. Hawks tonight. w00t!
The one team I thought would have had a better turn out is the Dallas Mavericks. WTF is up with the inability to win. They are down 2 minutes into the game and never get close.
At least Phoenix gets a lead up before being dismantled in the 3rd to 4th quarter. I don't really know what their issue is.

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