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I know…After saying I wasn't going to slack off…I have. Sorry L


They've been out with a vengeance as of late. Everywhere I look they are there. So if you live in FL you might want to slowdown and avoid a ticket.

R.E.M. - Accelerate

I read a college review of the new R.E.M. CD and I couldn't agree more. I think the new album really is a skip. I wasn't too much of a fan. Reality is that I always thought R.E.M. was a 2 good song per CD band. However, the only song I can really get into is Supernatural Superserious. It was a clever choice by the advertising unit they have. It's R.E.M. at its best. It reminded me of their college relevance. However, as of late they've taken a very rhythmic sound. Stipe's vocals have played harmony to a once rocking and upbeat voice.
Mind you…yes, I have listened to the CD a couple of times. I have waited for it to grow into the album R.E.M. wants everyone to think it is. However, I think it has failed even by R.E.M. standards.
1 out 5. (Cause of the single)

Robert Downey Jnr.

There are a lot of upcoming movies that are sure to have some fans excited and/or waiting in line. One actor that I've been keeping my eye on is Robert Downey Jnr. Ever since his role in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, he has managed to stay out of the headlines for his drug induced behavior. He has been superb in most movies he has been in. Even having two roles in which he has to play a druggie. His new roles are Iron Man which is based on the Marvel Comic books and The Ben Stiller movie in which he plays a white actor who had surgery to become a black man for a movie role and trust me…for what I've seen .. he is hilarious in the role. Yes, he does play on stereotypes, but most humor comes from stereotypes.
It's nice to see him coming back on top. He probably will never reach the amount of success he once had with movies like Chaplin and Air America, but if Iron Man is a total success, watch out because his name will be a household name again.


About 2 weeks ago, Frontline had a 2 episode special on the war on Iraq. They did a pretty detailed job on the process. They also showed who did what and how things transpired in the White House and in Iraq.
"Just saw an advertisement for the Children's Hospital. It states, "We fix Sophie's heart so in 10 years she can break Jimmy's." Kind of messed up, but I get it. "
Either way, back to the Iraq thing. I saw a bit of 60 minute's segment on the Iraqi war and it was just people pointing the finger at each other. The war is overly done. I think the news world is making up for being part of the propaganda job they did at the beginning. They should focus on the North Korea and NATO negotiations. Now that's something most people are unaware off and the issue has gathered small exposure.
Then again, I think the news companies are being a bit more tactful about how to approach this issue without creating controversy or another Iraq War debacle.

Science of Sleep

I've been trying to sleep 8 hours a day since I saw a report that stated it was better to sleep 7-8 hours rather than the 4-5 hours I usually sleep. I've found this sleeping exercise to be a bit of a chore. According to the news segment, people who barely sleep are more likely to develop diabetes, short term memory loss and less control of their motor skills. Sadly, I've found myself sleeping more and more. I'm sleeping during the day and night. At times I've slept up to 12 hours. I've also woken up tired when I sleep less than 7 hours. I'm going to give this sleeping experiment 'til the end of May and make an assessment at the end of the month.
My theory is that every person is different. Some people can function perfectly with less than 7 hours of sleep.
So I've been thinking this last hour about the song of the week, and I've come to the conclusion that it should be R.E.M.'s new single. Also, below that is going to be the preview for Robert Downey's 2 new movies.


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