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I should have made the theme song of the week "The Price of Gas" by Bloc Party. However, as the presidential debates get more, what's the right word…intense?! Not really… deliberately more boring I wonder if people are still paying attention. It seems ever since the Rep. Party has selected their presidential nominee, the Democratic Party is getting all the news. However, is it good coverage? Hilary and McCain are trying hardly to introduce a summer gas free tax. However, Obama is against it. The tax fees would then be paid by the gas companies. However, I see a fault. What is gas going to do?

They will raise the price of gas by 2-5 cents and rape us all over again. It's funny, but if you look at the oil spills that have occurred by oil companies at the end the gas price goes up by a couple of cents and they regain their loses within 6-12 months.

This leads me to believe that all of those "don't pump gas today to show them how much money they will lose" ordeals are stupid. Gas is needed no matter what. If you don't pump today, you will pump tomorrow. How do you stick it to the man? Declare a public transportation month. However, not every area can do this. If you've ever lived in South Florida or Los Angeles you can see that third world at that, having only Cuba edging us for worst.

However, local governments can focus their attention to the pas price crisis and do more to accommodate a spectacle like this. It would bring attention worldwide. Not to mention that if a county or city does it, it will soon catch on and more areas will follow. Now mind you it will take a lot of effort and money to pull this off, but if corrupt officials can see past personal gain, they can better humanity for all of us.

I can dream. Though South FLA has one of the lowest gas prices, it is still expensive. I even thought about getting a vespa or scooter. However, my travels predominantly take me through the express way, and have a machine that takes 10 seconds to reach 30 MPH is just too ridiculous at that point, but for people whose commute is a lot shorter or do not use the express way, this would be great.


1.General Elektrik –Facing the void
2. Manu Chao – Desaparecido
3. Los Fabulosos Cadillacs – El Matador
4. U2 – I will Follow
5. James –Laid
6. Kim Wilde – Kids In America
7. REM – It's The end of the world
8. Van Morrison – Gloria
9. The Rolling Stone – Get out of my Dream
10. Queen – Fat Bottom Girls
11. Def Lepard – Pour Some Sugar On Me
12. Aerosmith & Run DMC – Walk This Way
13. Beck – Loser
14. Modes Mouse – Float On
15. The Black Kids – I'm Not Going To Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You.
16. Bloc Party – Blue Light
17. Altered Images – Happy Birthday
18. New Order – Age of Consent
19. The Smith -
20. Madonna – Lucky Star
21. Whitest Boy Alive – Burning
22. She Wants revenge – Tear You Apart
23. Cut Copy – Hearts on Fire
24. Wolfsheim – Once in a Lifetime
25. Depeche Mode – World in My Eyes
26. Morrissey - What difference does it make?
27. The Cure – Killing An Arab
28. The Ting Tings – Great DJ (Calvin Harris Remix, edited by me)
29. Thieves Like Us – Headlong into The Night (Mix with Madonna" Hung Up")
30. Forgot who sings this.
31. Miss TK – No Biterz
32. The Rapture – Echoes
33. Le Tigre – deceptacon
34. LCD Soundsystem – Watch The Tapes
35. Tones on Tails – Go!
36. Snoop – Sensual Seduction
37. Q-Tip – Vivrant Thang
38. Slick Rick – I shouldn't have done it
38. Tone Luc – Funky Cold Medina
39. Gucci Crew – Oh Sally (That Girl)
40. Peaches – XXX AA
41. Avenue D – Too Drunk To Fuck
42. Mount Sims – How We Do
43. M.I.A – Lady Killa (Diplo Remix)
44. Lady Sovereign – Love Me or Hate Me
45. Kanye West – Stronger
46. Daft Punk – Technology
That's about 3/5s of the playlist folks. After that we went into Miami Base and Booty Music for about an hour or so. For that I don't recall what we played.

However, I hope you enjoy the list above.

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