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Well, last night was my good friend Marge's B-Day. We had a blast. I was spinning from 10-4am and to tell you the truth...I can deal without spinning (DJing) for a while. It's really stressful. LoL
Ok now...

Well South FLA government has decided to tell its counties to stop sending their sewer water to the ocean. What I really like is that the counties are complaining about the costs.
We live in the year 2008. Water sewer treatment should have been something the local government should have developed by now.
Sadly, a lot of corrupt politicians, bad economy, poor investments and inappropriation of funds have stopped and limited the furthering of programs like these in the Dade and Broward counties.

Broward has a diesel refinery plant, which was made to lower the cost of diesel in the Dade and Broward counties. However, diesel is more expensive than regular gas.
The odd thing about diesel is that it takes less refining to produce. In theory it should cost less per gallon than regular gas. Not to mention that with the advances in technology now-a-days it's actually as safe for the environment. It also gives the user more gallons per mile. Furthermore, it is more cost effective to maintain a diesel engine than a regular unleaded engine.
The only reason I can see is that lowering the price to what it should be is that truckers provide a lot of money to these Oil companies because truckers have no other choice. It costs truckers $500 to fill their gas tank. That's a lot of $ for one instance. Not to mention that truckers refuel every 2-3 days.

Well i noticed the other day and after a long battle for raising minimum wage in the states, they have not really kept up with the inflation in prices. IOWs, the wages went up to $7.35 and then the cost of everything has gone up by 20%+/-. However, min. wage has not been raised. Minimum wage should be $8-$9 the way I see it.

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