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So it's been a while since I've written anything. I guess too tied up with the world around me rather than the world in general. It's been hectic. My boxer (dog) has managed to vent his anger at me and has attacked me twice. Why? No idea. I guess he is trying to establish his dominance. Doesn't he know I can establish his faith?
He will now.


Up to now I've managed to call which states Barack will win and which Hillary will win. Puerto Rico seems like a show in according to some. However, Puerto Rico has a lot of old fashion men who still influence their household as well as the voting polls.

One thing that might detour from that is that P.R. has also elected a female governor before. So that is one "state" I cannot predict who'd win.


Ray Allen showed signs of life yesterday. Allen who Is making $16 million this year has been averaging about 10 points in the playoffs, while shooting 17% from the 3-point line and 37% from the floor. In other words, for a player who could change the game at any point, he has been non-existent.

In the Detroit vs. Boston series; however, he's had 2 twenty point games. With game 5 (yesterday's game) being his best shooting performance of the whole playoffs.


Canseco needs $ it seems. The ex-baseball slugger/book writer/Madonna's ex- lover/snitch is seeking a boxer to fight with later on this month. His challenger does not only get to beat up Canseco, but he also gets $5,000 and publicity.

They are specially marketing publicity as a form of payment. However, how serious are you going to be taken if you beat Canseco and how shameful would it be if you lose?

Canseco is still in pretty good shape from what I've seen. Though weight lifting does not constitute stamina and endurance….it just means you can lift a lot of weight.

Season Finales

This week is the season finales for most shows. Man…what can be said? The strike took away from the momentum of shows and though repeats where there and the networks tried to establish a continuum…it still wasn't that good. I think this is why the ratings have been off this season. I, for one, like the off season. This is when the odd shows come out to play; Dexter, Tell me that you love me, burn notice, etc…

Social Observation

Have you noticed how the computer has taken over the television as a babysitter? Most people now days plant a pc in their child's room and let the internet consume the child.

At work people bring their work laptops to get them fixed because their children installed crap on it. Then they wonder why their kids come out pregnant at the age of 13 or lose their virginity at the age. Not to mention all the rage kids feel from venting out playing video games.

Anyone remember the HBO show Dream On?

Sadly, hardly any of them come out as nice…they instead turn to be like Veruca Salt (Willy Wonka )

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