Vanity + Russia

Vanity… How much I love the.

Coming to a university is exciting. You have intellects, people from all over the world, knowledge spilling over the brim, future all stars and trend setters…well at least they think they are.

What’s the point of wearing clothes that’s uncomfortable? Maybe I don’t get it because I’m a male and I’m not a fashion whore. However, I know what it is to wear something uncomfortable and let me tell you, it did not make me feel sexy. Then again, I was 8 and my mom made me wear a sailor suit. Though I’m sure if I could still fit in that costume, I could pull lots of women.
So, present example. This girl is walking into school with a hot pink shirt and white coochie cutters (aka Daisy Dukes). Not to mention that she had bleached her hair and had a hot pink bag. IOW, look at me, I suffer from low self esteem and want acceptance based on the looks I gather. However, the funny thing is that every 5 steps she had to pull her shorts down.
Well enough about picking on fashion victims.
Sadly, I’ve refrained from looking at the newspaper or news for the last 36 hrs. Mainly because I really want a break from the world of hurt. Ok, so that’s a little bit over dramatic. However, things in Europe are not looking good.
Russia has a new “elected” president. Their “democracy” has come a long way since Gorvachov left U.S.S.R.. Russia is not longer the power it was. They have left the countries that border St. Petersburg become independent countries. In a way this enhances their monetary capita. They no longer have to provide for these countries which produced very little to the economy. Instead, with the rise in oil prices, they can focus on rebuilding and engaging in another cold war, which seems to be what they are doing. Russia failed against the US because their type of government is not ideal for a long term money spending war. However, they have or had the best scientists. They had some amazing weaponry that never saw the day of light because it cost the government too much money to mass produce.

There’s too much…
There’s too much crime and too much poverty in Russia. The money they are getting from oil and from states becoming independent should strengthen their infrastructure. The US and Russia are not going to engage in a fight. They will forever be involved in a “who has the biggest c*ck” fight. If they are able to reinvigorate their economy, their health care system and cut down on crime, Russia will excel more than America. The main worry for everyone is money. Money gets you food, shelter and it provides. If the government could manage to do this it could start developing/harvesting scientists and once again become a proper power house.
Then again…Russia still has Lenin in display at the Red Square and majority of the people think he will soon rise. If that happens, I would love to see how. I’m surprised that they haven’t tried cloning him. That would be rather amazing. Huh? Well I best stop talking about Russia, I might be blacklisted and be called a Commi.

If their meat is never frozen then how do they maintain it in the freezers? Hum! Food for thought.

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