How long...How long must we sing this song.

Ok...hum...arghh! Sorry! Clearing my throat.
It seems like rain has exposed the weakness in levees in the US. 3 cities in 3 states have poor conditioned levees. With one of them creating a flood in Mississippi.
It would have made sense to conduct studies on old to structural damaged levees in the US after Katrina devastated LA.
However, with the current administration what would be the point of doing that and wasting money. Money mind you that the tax payers pay for their government to keep them safe.

So I went out this weekend and noticed something very funny.

In this video we see how people wait in line for free liquor. Even though the queue could waste 20-30 mins of your's worth it...because it's free liquor.

I took this photo about 5-6months ago. Needless to say that I'm sure this donut has hit the $2 mark.
What's the most you've ever paid for a donut?
I think the most I've ever paid has been $1 and I think I threw a hissy-fit.

Coldplay's new album is somewhat disappointing. I managed to get my hands on it a week ago and that the best they can do. I give them credit because a lot of bands fail in their 2nd album since their 1st album is usually a greatest hits of when they were unsigned.
However, critics as well as some fans were expecting a reckoning of new sounds and ideas.
The drummer did hit the bell instead of the snare in one song.
I think Coldplay created this sound full of passion and validity that was missing in music. However, they have gotten themselves stuck there and they are trying to expand through the same formula.
I hope they expand in their 4th album. Incorporate other sounds into the mix. Because they will soon become a band that was defined by the dedace (Duran Duran, Bon Jovi, etc...)

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